Other Animals

Newest Glenbaer addition, Rascal
Rascal is a piglet who joined the Glenbaer family after a cross-country schooling session at the Ark evolved into a petting-zoo fascination. Ras is currently an indoor/outdoor resident, but will be moving to her own pen as she grows up.

Hunter, Rylie, and Shiloh
Hunter was found by Andrea's mother, Sheila, in May of 2005. Sadly, she was just a stray, malnourished, neglected puppy hunting for a home on the side of the road. After lots of TLC and love, Hunter has turned into a lovely, tennis-ball-obsessed dog. (And, we have found that she is quite appropriately named "Hunter.") Hunter will hopefully begin competition in agility trials this year.

Andrew and Andrea adopted Rylie from the nearby Moore County Animal Shelter on the day of closing on the farm, March 1, 2005. Love and TLC have also done wonders for Rylie, having taken her from being cautious and somewhat nervous around people to now being an absolute lap-dog (67 pounds of this dog, however, requires quite a strong lap!). Rylie may also be competing in agility trials this summer and fall.

Andrea rescued Shiloh from the middle of a highway when he was no more than an eight-week-old kitten. He is now Glenbaer's resident mouse catcher, although he fully considers himself to be "Shiloh the dog." Similar to Hun and Rylie, he is quite the tennis-ball-obsessed animal and perpetual lap resident.

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