Regent Deputy

Regent Deputy, aka "Kit," is a 1998 16.2h TB gelding from the renowned Deputy Minister line. Kit has a classic Thoroughbred build with lovely conformation and a balanced gallop. He is a handy mover, brilliant jumper, and very mannerly at speed, making him the perfect first-flight foxhunter. Kit loves the hounds and is a true gem to have in the barn.
Previously owned by Beth and Pat Uptegrove of Ontario, Kit followed a racing career with extensive foxhunting experience. In 2007, Kit was one of four horses chosen in Canada to compete at Morven Park in the Masters of Foxhounds Association of North America Centennial Field Hunter Championship. In 2006, Kit qualified for the Canadian Training Level Championships during his first season of eventing, and in 2007, qualified for the Canadian Preliminary Championships.
1/4/10: Thanks to the generosity and kindness of Beth and Pat, Kit has officially joined the Glenbaer family!

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