In Memoriam

Leader's Reverend--aka Deacon

Sir Joe Buck
Reserve Grand Champion Medieval Warhorse
Truly a legend in his own time...

Pandemonium-- aka Panda

Warrant Officer
-- aka Guy

Heaven Can Wait-- aka Feather
Feather, a 13.2hh Welsh/Arab pony, was Andrea's second pony, and her first real competition partner. They competed throughout New England from when Andrea was 6yo until she was 12yo, cleaning up at hunter shows through the 'A' circuit, and frequently beating out large TBs, WBs, and older riders. In fall of 2003, heaven could wait no longer for Feather. She will forever be missed by the many individuals who knew this legendary pony.

Snowflake of Tambrae-- aka Snowy
Snowy was Andrea's first pony, with whom she did leadline and a bit of walk-trot competition. As a 10.1hh Welsh pony, Snowy was a sweet mare, but definitely had an attitude much bigger than herself. This wonderful pony was also a talented driving pony, and will be forever missed.