A comprehensive list of recommendations for Andrea will be provided upon request. These include references from international event trainer Denny Emerson, FEI dressage trainer Jane Karol, and numerous other professionals and students/clients. Please contact Glenbaer at

August 2008

As an eventer that has had the opportunity of training with seven international Olympic riders, I can honestly contest that a single ride with Andrea Glenn brought me more knowledge and confidence than any of those many other rides. She has the ability to center in on horse and rider, and without losing focus, pin point all inaccuracies and patiently work with the pair to correct them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Her suitability to young horses is amazing due to her patient, humorous outlook. The young mount I was aboard had the time of his life when faced with completely foreign questions under the instruction of Andrea. Never faltering in patience or motivation, Andrea is the ideal trainer for a broad range of equestrians, ranging from the very novice rider to the experienced eventer.
--Amber Duncan, Charlotte, NC

August, 2008

Andrea is by far one of the best trainers I have ever had the pleasure of working with in my equestrian career. Not only because of her wealth of knowledge and wonderful riding abilities, but also because of the individualized thought and attention she provides for each horse and rider, whether it is a private vs. group lesson or beginner vs. advanced rider. Andrea has taught me more in just a few lessons than any of the trainers in my past have. I look forward to continuing both my training and relationship with Andrea in the future.
--Brianna Carmo, NC

August, 2008

It is without reservation and with great pleasure that I recommend Andrea St Hilaire-Glenn. She has been such a bright spot for both my daughter and I, as we transitioned to North Carolina from New England. Her classic training, wealth of knowledge and impressive riding ability, reflects in each lesson she teaches. Andrea also has an uncanny ability to make each rider feel that they are her only student, even during group sessions!
My daughter was thrilled to be asked to consider a working student position for Andrea and is looking forward to travel and competitions under her careful guidance.
--Val Moreau, Wilmington, NC

July, 2008

I wanted to thank you again for this weekend. It was a really positive experience and one of the first times I really felt like she was processing and relaxing. You have a way of helping me realize the inner potential of my horses which really helps to motivate me in my training at home. I hope you realize how helpful you have been to me over these past few months, I really appreciate it. Thank you!
--Susanne McDaniel, Sanford, NC

March 16, 2005

To Whom It May Concern:

It gives me great pleasure to write in support of Andrea St.Hilaire, as an instructor of riding in dressage, combined training and in basic hunter seat equitation. I have known Andrea as a student and as a student instructor while at Mount Holyoke College for three years. She has taught lessons in our beginning-riding program.

Andrea has continued to grow as a rider and as an instructor while being a student here at Mount Holyoke College. She is recognized for her riding abilities and her ability as an instructor. She is reliable, dependable, unassuming, well-dressed, prompt and prepared. She demonstrates the ability to work with others. We are proud that she has been involved in our teaching program here at Mount Holyoke. She is a very mature, confident, goal oriented and well organized. Beneath her serious nature lays an unusually easygoing personable person. She is a self-motivated and self-disciplined young woman.

Andrea has been active in our riding program here at Mount Holyoke over her three years. She is well liked by the Equestrian Center Staff, the barn workers, and her peer instructors and by her students that she teaches. Andrea's students are comfortable with instruction and feel safe. She encourages students to improve and strives to build their confidence. When a rider becomes frustrated, Andrea will create a different plan of action- a new and different way to face the challenge. Andrea tries hard not to let any of her riders to give up. She is extremely encouraging. The women at Mount Holyoke can be quite willful at times, but Andrea in her soft spoken way can still manage to get accomplished what she wants to.

Andrea works very hard to find opportunities to educate herself as a complete horsewoman. She continues to take lessons in dressage, combined training and jumping. She is a pleasure to teach, eager to learn and improve her skills. Andrea is very patient and soft in her riding and her training techniques. Andrea is a rider that is able to ride many horses with many different temperaments because of her dedication and commitment to excellence. She is valuable in our beginning riding program and an asset to our students. She is knowledgable in her riding theory and her safety standards are strong. She shows respect to the horses that she is working with and always has the highest regard for their well being. Andrea St.Hilaire will bring her many attributes that have made her a successful rider and instructor to any job that she applies for. I am certain she will approach her career with the same fervor she has demonstrated here at Mount Holyoke College. Please feel free to contact me should you have need of additional information regarding Andrea St.Hilaire.


Carol J. Law
Program Director and Riding Team Coach
Mount Holyoke College


To whom it may concern,

I am writing to highly recommend Andrea St. Hilaire as a trainer and instructor. Andrea has spent the last two months working with me and my young horse, with remarkable results. She was able to communicate gently, yet effectively, with my horse to increase his forward motion and eliminate his previous tendency to rear. She was able to accurately gauge the workload appropriate for my youngster, and still provide enough challenge for me to see continual improvement in his training. When Andrea first started working with my horse, I could hardly trot around the ring without a battle. At the end of the two months, we were jumping small cross rails and cantering.

I also took lessons every week with Andrea and very much enjoyed her instructional style. She communicates effectively to provide insight and advice when appropriate, without overwhelming the student. As a team, Andrea challenged my horse and I, without ever making me feel unsafe. I thoroughly enjoyed the time that my horse was in training with Andrea and love the results. I hope to continue our training this fall and would highly recommend her as both a horse trainer and instructor, particularly for young problem horses and their owners!

Julia Paxson, DVM
Tufts University

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