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Cross-country Schooling
Not shown: trakehner (~2'6"), log (2'), hanging log (2'6"), coop (2'3"), fenceline gate (3'), and numerous portable fences.

The schooling field has been designed with green horses and first-time eventers in mind, with still providing a wide variety of questions for more advanced pairs. The 15 acres currently contains 3 banks, 3 ditches, full water complex, trakehner, log and hanging log, and numerous other permanent and portable fences. The back hill is used for hillwork and conditioning.

Click here for pictures of the water complex full construction process.

Post-and-rails for Novice and Training/Prelim
Location of fences to banks allows for advanced questions

Straightforward, non-revetted ditch; wall-to-ditch combo
(3' gate-in-fence located in fenceline beyond ditch)

Intro (revetted on one side) and Novice (both sides revetted) ditches; "Rubber Rolltop" fence

Main bank (within 4-6 strides to Post-and-Rails); Medium bank near coop (small bank not shown)

Straightforward schooling fences (~18" - 2'3")

Water complex, sans water at this time. Complex easily filled for usage.
Includes pass-through, jump over log (2'), and 6 banks/drops into and out of water, ranging 6" to 2'9".
Top left picture shows pathway to back hill.
Pictures of the water complex full construction process.

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