Mare and Foal Boarding

Full-care boarding is available for mares, broodmares, and foals involved in the breeding program. Complete breeding, broodmare care, foaling, weaning, and raising services are available for the 2014-2015 season. Glenbaer focuses its breeding operations through the remarkable, professional services of 3H Vet in New Hill, NC.

Horses boarded at Glenbaer receive top-notch care in a beautiful, safe environment. While numerous sizable stalls are available when needed, horses are permitted "to be horses," with as much turnout as possible in private, semi-private, and small group arrangements. New three-rail fenced paddocks with run-in sheds accommodate single horses and small pairs while providing a safe, social environment. Small groups are typically turned out in the larger pastures. For further information, visit Facility.

High-quality Timothy mix hay from Canada is fed three times daily. Each horse receives a thoroughly balanced, personalized grain feeding one to three times per day. This diet utilizes Triple Crown Senior (14%Protein/10%Fat) and beet pulp.

To receive further information for breeding and foaling services, or to be added to the current wait list for spring 2014, please contact Glenbaer.

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