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Instruction and Training at Glenbaer
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Andrea St.Hilaire-Glenn specializes in providing a proper, well-rounded foundation when developing and bringing along young, green horses. When she is not competing, Andrea offers instruction at the farm on a limited basis and teaches clinics throughout the region.

Andrea's instruction focuses on enhancing communication between horse and rider while appropriately challenging and effectively improving the performance of each pair. Her encouraging teaching style influences the initiative and confidence of riders from all levels, helping them to develop determination, finesse, and self-assurance in their abilities. Riders are expected to commit to a systematic training plan both in and out of the saddle that allows for consistent improvement. With this approach, Andrea's students regularly perform at the very top of their division or class at competitions throughout the region.

At this time, school horses are available on a limited basis at Glenbaer. Riders are welcome to bring their horses to the farm for individual lessons. "Lesson weekends" are also an option for individuals coming from a greater distance. Visit Lesson Weekends for more information or contact Glenbaer.

Training principles at Glenbaer follow the classic methodologies put forward by individuals such as Podhajsky, Klimke, de Nemethy, LeGoff, and later George Morris. Horses are schooled to be forward thinkers, balanced movers, and willing partners for all disciplines. Andrea's extensive background in classical training theory and execution with horses running the gamut of personalities and characteristics allows her to correctly and effectively bring out the most that each horse has to offer.

A strong foundation with numerous positive experiences is the primary goal for young, green horses. A similar approach is taken with competitive horses, with a focus on solidifying the basics and adding brilliance and precision to the performances. Horses are challenged to become quick thinkers and "problem-solvers," such that they are able to react with speed and confidence when faced with tricky combinations or questions on course. Especially in cross-country riding, the best and safest horse is one who listens to his rider, but thinks for himself.

Young Horse Training
Yearlings through three-year-olds are accepted for training in-hand on the triangle, as well as general groundwork and initial schooling. The youngest horses are started with leading and ground manners, basic walk/leading exercises over poles and in new environments, and "ponying" with older horses to help develop a brave, willing nature. When appropriate, the youngsters begin basic suppling and bending exercises from the ground, transitioning into long-lining, ground driving, and simple lunging. Two-year-olds and three-year-olds are also accepted to be started under saddle.

Andrea regularly teaches clinics throughout North Carolina, including sessions at private facilities and Pony Club meetings. Clinics are hosted either as a weekend of private/semi-private lessons focusing on individual needs, or as a common "theme" weekend. Past "theme" clinics have included "introduction to eventing" for riders wanting to safely try the three phases, a "safety clinic" for eventers wanting to develop critical skills for cross-country riding that are often overlooked in low-level training, and a "polishing clinic" in which jumper and hunter/equitation riders are able to enhance their skills and polish their performances to achieve optimum results in the ring.

Pictures from top: Galaxy and Andrea 2001 & 2003, Glenbaer students at a jumper show and horse trial, Andrea with Galaxy, Andrea schooling Nina and Legacy as 4yos, students schooling dressage and at a hunter show, two of Glenbaer's youngest students working with Joe Buck

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